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In this series of posts we will be exploring some of the people and businesses we work with. In this first post we focus on BishopSound.

Lets start with the basics, BishopSound are not only based in Ripon but are our next door neighbours, literally at number 4 Juniper Grove Business Park so when we met during those long months of lockdown we very quickly built up a friendship based on our mutual love of music, sound systems, public performance and the great British Sound.

It also turns out we have a similar love of big heavy passive speakers. I have been making speakers for decades, in the early days for my mobile discos and later in an attempt to make ‘the elusive sound’. Ask Andy and he will probably tell you the same!

Andy Bishop, who heads up BishopSound along with his wife Victoria has some great stories to tell of his years in the business and not only knows the people behind all the great brands but he also knows a great product and being so close I have had the pleasure of working with Andy on systems and prototypes and hearing his speakers and amps.


BishopSound have just today launched their new web site showcasing many of their traditional best sellers like the Delta Passive Triple 12” Birch Plywood PA Full Range Speaker, a favourite of mine. They now have a wide range of Lavoce drivers and other speaker components available from stock along with the Lavoce self assembly speaker cabinet kits.

On their new web site you will also find a fantastic resource of articles to help you choose and build a great system for your venue. I like this article ‘Top 10 Wiring Tips For Your Speakers‘.

Head over to the BishopSound web site for the full story.

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